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AVIMOSA GROUP is a set of companies (Avícola Moraleja, s.a., Avicaza, s.a., Ranchos Pecuarios, s.a.u.) placed in Madrid, engaged in to poultry for over one hundred years, whose main activity is the production of poultry and eggs. It has four workplaces in the provinces of Madrid and Toledo.

AVIMOSA GROUP headquarters, AVÍCOLA MORALEJA, S.A. is located in MORALEJA DE ENMEDIO (MADRID), home to the main workplace, both in production and employment, devoted to culling, processing and distribution of our range of poultry products.



AVICAZA Company, Inc. is part of our marketing network in the domestic market.



On Villaseca de la Sagra (Toledo) it is located our hatchery for meat chickens (broilers).

Feed Mill


In Añover de Tajo (Toledo) it is located RANCHOS PECUARIOS, S.A.U., a subsidiary of the group that has two centers on this town:

Feed mill: which produces the feed we provide to our extensive network of integrated farms, in addition to selling to other companies.

Egg laying center

Poultry complex, in which are located the egg laying centers for consumption, and the egg grading center.

Also in this complex we have several breeding centers for meat chickens (broilers).